In the BACKMEISTER® Extra with removable, ceramic-coated baking pans and kneaders, one large loaf or two small loaves (750 to 1,800 grams) can be prepared. There are 9 stored programs, of which 1 is a custom user program (also for gluten-free bread). The illuminated LCD display offers three degrees of browning. Via the Timer button baking can be pre-programmed for up to 13 hours. Timing belt drive and right-hand/left-hand rotation ensure perfect dough. The accessories: Baking pans, kneader, measuring cup and measuring spoon, dough hook remover, as well as operating instructions with recipes.

$210.00 / Piece
excl. 0% VAT plus $60.00 DHL + USPS-shipping costs (to US)
Delivery time 7 - 10 daysDelivery time 7 - 10 days **

  • Capacity: 750-1,800g bread weight
  • 9 programmes, incl. 1 individual programme
  • All programmes are suitable for gluten free bread
  • Removable baking pan and kneader with Whitford ceramic coating
  • With 2 baking pans for 2 small or 1 large loaf
  • Timer button, pre-programmable up to 13 hours
  • Select button for 3 adjustable browning levels Belt drive
  • Double kneader with right/left drive
  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Large viewing window
  • Power rating: 700 W, 230 V~, 50 Hz
  • Capacity: ca. 750-1,800 g bread weight
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 41.5 x 24.4 x 34.5 cm
  • Colour: White
  • Accessories: 1 double baking pan, measuring cup, measuring spoon, hook, kneader (2x large, 2x small), user manual with recipes



Whether one large loaf of bread or two small loaves should be prepared: With the BACKMEISTER® Extra, both variants are possible for a bread weight of 750 to 1,800 grams. Two removable baking pans provided with a high-quality Whitford Fusion® ceramic coating along with appropriate kneaders, which are also coated, make this possible. Nine stored programs (one of them for individual user preferences), which are also suitable for gluten-free bread, are available for selection from white to rye to whole grain bread. Three adjustable degrees of browning and the Timer button for up to 13-hours of pre-programming are additional features that can be selected on the illuminated LCD display. The BACKMEISTER® Extra, equipped with a powerful timing belt drive, processes the ingredients perfectly with its right-hand/left-hand rotation. The large view window ensures that you always have a good view of baking progress. The white BACKMEISTER® Extra comes with a baking pan, double baking pan, measuring cup and spoon, dough hook remover, large and small kneaders, as well as the operating instructions with great recipe ideas.

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