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Flaker Mill for Family Grain Mill without Handbase

Suitable for Family Grain Mill.
Simply indispensible for making muesli. The Grain Flaker for the careful preparation of whole rolled flakes. Also suitable for crushing linseeds, sunflower seeds and other oil-containing seeds.
**Note** NOT dishwasher safe!

Messerschmidt Oat Flaker Roller Mill Attachment for Family Grain Mill

- Quality: Manufactured by Messerschmidt. Built with premium Lexan and the roller is made of hardened surgical steel.
- Fast & easy to use: A cup of rolled oat groats is produced in a minute. Large 5 cup hopper open hopper for continues rolling and flaking.
- Easy Set up and Fast Clean up. Easy to clean. Easy and quick to take apart and put back together for cleaning.
- Rolls and Flakes: oat groats, wheat, rye, spelt, kamut, millet, Buckwheat groats and Flax Seed. Use for hot or cold cereals, granola, cookies, cakes, meat extenders.



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