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manufacturerGraef GmbH

Graef H9 manually operated slicer

Graef GmbH
Delivery time 7 - 21 business daysDelivery time 7 - 21 business days **

The H9 is a manually operated slicer in retro design.

It has a massive aluminium housing, a smooth-running, powerful crank and is above all extremely energy-saving!

Manual Slicer

The GRAEF classic

The reissued manual hand-operated slicing machine from the 1960s excels with a clear visual appearance and best cutting performances powered by muscular strength.

A 7.48 inches (19 cm) big, fully-hardened blade as well as carriage and carriage guide made of stainless steel and on top of that a smooth-running crank with wooden handle, let the machine become a racy eye-catcher - in the retro- or the modern kitchen.

In addition, the MANUAL H9 is applicable in all places where no socket is available - e.g. on camping-holidays.

Cutting bread or cold cuts - extremely energy-saving!

Suction rubber feet allow a safe positioning

Professional benefits


  • Ø 7.48 inches (190 mm) serrated, fully-hardened stainless steel blade


  • All-metal machine
  • Foot


  • Removable stainless steel carriage
  • Slicing thickness 0 - 0.59 inches (0-15 mm)
  • Stainless steel carriage guide
  • Removable stainless steel carriage
  • Genuine wood handle
  • Suction rubber feet

Scope of delivery  

  • Food holder

Measurements (L x W x H)) 147.64 x 143.7 x 96.46 inches (375 x 365 x 245 mm)
Net weight 6.0 lb (2.72 kg)    

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Graef also offer machines which are independent from the electric circuit?
    Yes, the Manual Slicer H9 is a machine with a crank handle. It is operated cordless and can therefore be installed everywhere.
  • Where can I purchase new blades, spare parts and accessories?

    We can also send you the desired parts.

    Please indicate your model-number (e.g. EH 170 T, FA 174 T, Master 182, Classic C 9), the date of purchase and a description of the desired spare-part. We will then send you the spare-parts/blade on account, plus forwarding costs and current VAT (value added tax).

  • Which type of grease should be used to lubricate the respective parts of the machine?
    Please use standard Vaseline / petrolatum.
  • Is Graef also offering slicing machines for left-handed people?
    At the moment we do not have these products in our assortment.
  • Is it also possible to sharpen the serrated blades with the blade sharpener?
    With the blade sharpener M 100 you can sharpen smooth and serrated blades. With the D-1000 you can only sharpen smooth blades.
  • After cleaning the blade of the slicing machine almost stops. What can I do?

    Please lubricate all important parts, namely wiper ring, blade, gear-wheel, auger and blade screws, with Vaseline after cleaning. You can find detailed information in your instruction manual.

  • Can I also use other greases to lubricate the important parts of my slicing machine?
    Other greases/fats such as cooking oil or butter will gum by and by. Due to this, Vaseline is absolutely recommendable. It will not gum and is moreover absolutely food safe.
  • For which type of cutting items do I have to use which type of blade?

    Serrated blades are ideal for most types of bread (even with hard crusts), cheese, cold cuts, vegetables or fruits. Smooth blades are more recommendable of you would like to cut razor-thin slices of above-mentioned cutting items an especially for razor-thin slices of ham or carpaccio.


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