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manufacturerLuba GmbH

Bread Bag, 100% natural linen, unbleached

Luba GmbH
Delivery time 7 - 21 business daysDelivery time 7 - 21 business days **

The bread bag has the size 13.78 x 15.75 Inces (35 x 40 cm)

Linen absorbs up to 35% of its own weight in humidity, which is go away quickly. It is highly stain-resistant, breathable and bacteriostatic.
Thanks to these excellent properties bag is ideal for bread storing. The bread bag has a burlap-look and is after the first washing soft.

Storing bread in linen is the best method to prevent it from going stale.  Better than plastic bags or tupperware, linen maintains the softness of bread, while preserving its crisp exterior.  So enjoy your bread another day or two without having to hurt your teeth on tough crust and tasteless bread!

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