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manufacturerEschenfelder GmbH

Eschenfelder Cress strainer 8.46inch (21.5cm) white

Eschenfelder GmbH
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With Eschenfelder Sprouting Dish you can harvest freshness and health every day, since delicious, crisp sprouts provide chlorophyll, essential enzymes and vital nutrients all the year round.    

The Sprouting Dish especially for sticky seeds like cress, rocked mustard, chia and linseed, as they require a static ground. Please mind: you can also sprout little non-sticky seeds like Broccoli, Alfalfa, Radish etc. The soaking time there is 8 hours though.    

Your own little kitchen garden!
Harvest some health every day - with Eschenfelder cress strainers:

  • Easy and hygienic to use
  • Easy sprouting, needs no earth
  • Stable base
  • Fully glazed waterproof ceramic dish
  • Stainless steel mesh with steel outer ring
  • Easy maintenance, robust, dishwasher-safe

Attractive, superior quality ceramic dish – made in Germany. Fired at over 2192°F (1200°C), food-safe, extremely robust and durable. The complete glaze makes it attractive and very easy to maintain. The stainless steel mesh lies horizontally on a ledge on the inside of the dish at a defined distance from the bottom of the dish. The roots have the space they need for healthy development and can be harvested with the sprouts.

The young leaves of watercress are often used as a salad addition to mayonnaise, cheese and egg dishes or simply as a garnish of butter bread.

Sprouting is very simple!


1. Soak 1 teaspoon cress seeds (for 4.70inch (12cm) dish), 2 teaspoons (for 6.92inch (16cm) dish), 4 teaspoons (for 8.46inch (21.5cm) dish) of seeds for about 15 minutes, then pour the mass upon the sieve.


2. Use a knife to spread the cress seeds evenly and not too thick (one layer, seeds next to each other) on the sieve.


3. Cover the seeds with a plate (vice versa), for two days to prevent them for drying out (for 4.7inch (12cm) dish with saucer; for 6.92inch (16cm) dish with dessert plate; for 8.46inch (21.5cm) dish with dinner plate). Sprinkle the seeds twice a day with a spray bottle.


4. As soon as the roots have grown through the sieve, rinse the roots and seeds twice a day under running water. Mind that there is no water left over in the dish.


5. Harvests delicious sprouts with the roots after about 6-8 days.

Cleaning:  After the harvest, soak the sieve in water (few minutes), scrape the remains of with a knife, and then rinse.
The sieve is not intended for cleaning in a dishwasher.

Note: Cress is one of the seeds that have to be quiet during germination. Until the root formation (2-3 days) they are sprayed twice daily with water.
Special feature: The sprouts can be harvested with roots!

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