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NATURCOOK refractory plate with recipes

Delivery time 7 - 21 business daysDelivery time 7 - 21 business days **

Handmade tray special porous materials 100% MADE IN ITALY.
Can be used on barbecue, oven.
Excellent for pizza, bread and cookies.

This exclusive refractory plate has been hand-crafted in Italy for cooking pizza, vegetables, meat and fish, thanks to a mix of special clays that absorb humidity and make the food crispy.

It cooks without the need of fats, ideal for a healthy diet and suitable for: the traditional oven, fireplace and barbecue.

Naturcook by Trabo is a top quality refractory plate, suitable for cooking crispy pizzas and many other foods.
Ideal for cooking piadinas, focaccias, vegetables au naturel, golden chips, kebabs, or baking biscuits, brioches, tarts and apple turnovers.

It maintains unaltered and exalts the genuine flavor of the food!

Naturcook plates are made by hand and are composed of selected clays fired at 2408°F (1320°C). This procedure ensures that the plate is heat-proof.

This material is absolutely natural, it heats and diffuses heat evenly, absorbing humidity for fat-free cooking.

Dim: inch 13.77 x 13.58 h inch 0.98 (cm 35 x 34,5 h cm 2,5)

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