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Steel Cone Grinder Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

Delivery time 7 - 21 business daysDelivery time 7 - 21 business days **
  • For all types of grain as well as oily seeds and spices. Continuous adjustment between coarse and fine.
  • German Engineered

Quality:  This grain mill accessory is manufactured in Germany by Messerschmidt for 27 years. The milling heads are made of a high carbon surgical stainless steel and are only 1" in diameter. Being so small, the leverage required to turn the rotor is very little. This does not heat up a motor or cause ware from friction.   Easy Set up : Compact Storage:  The grain mill will fit on the KitchenAid  with a twist of the wrist.   Easy to store in your  without taking up much room.   Cool Grind:   The mill steel burrs grind low temperature frictionless milling,  avoiding the heat created by most grain mills, giving a true grind.  Heat can destroy many of the nutrient in your flour.   Fast & Easy to Use:   A cup of fine flour is produced in approximately one minute with the KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  Large 5 cup hopper open hopper for continues grinding of grains. Fast Cleanup & Dust Free: Grain Mill easily and quickly remove for cleaning.  The Mill is dust-free.      Mills:    Wheat, oat, corn, (not popcorn) rye, spelt,  kamut,  barley, rice, peas, most beans, coffee, flax seeds, sesame seeds, most dried herbs, dried jalapenos and other hot peppers and more. Continuous adjustment between coarse and fine.

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