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Kornkraft Mulino Grain Hand Mill

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  • Made of beech wood
  • For all cereals except maize
  • Detachable hopper capacity (wheat) approx. 7 Oz
  • Screw clamp included
  • Original German Product

The hand mill Mulino is made of solid Beech wood, treated with organic beeswax. A very easy turning mechanism with the millstone made of Naxo Basalt.
The mill stone is self sharpening and does not need to be cleaned after each use.
Drawer collects the flour, making the job tidy and clean! The drawer is secured by two springs to keep it firmly closed, therefore you can place the mill safely on your lap and enjoy grinding your own flour.
These optics Sound familiar, evoking memories, it looks so lovely, charming? - Yes, the force Mulino grain mill hand enchants.
And it is flexible, the beautiful hand mill grain force Mulino: they can be used both as a table grinder, than be kept in a familiar manner between his knees.
Fresh flour for cooking or fresh meal for your Fresh grain muesli from the power grid.
The ground grain falls into the drawer which is also secured against falling out.
Setting the fineness with a knob above the funnel.

• Housing: Solid beech wood, square
• Funnel: solid wood beech, round
• Produces approx. 3.52 Oz/min of coarse flour or 0.88 Oz/min of fine flour
• Hopper capacity - 7.04 Oz
• For all cereals except maize
• Millstone-Diameter: 1.57 inches cast basalt in Naxos magnesite cement, conical
• Grinding chamber: Wood
• Crank: steel, 4.33 inches, with rotating wooden handle
• Crank radius: 4.72 inches
• The secured with 2 steel springs drawer catches on the ground grain, so can sometimes be the flour mill slight angle and nothing happens.
• Width x Depth x Height: 6.1x6.1x9.65 inch. (with handle)
• Weight: 3.09 lb

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