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manufacturerEschenfelder GmbH

Eschenfelder Wall Grain Flaker with Anodized Aluminum Funnel

Eschenfelder GmbH
Delivery time 7 - 21 business daysDelivery time 7 - 21 business days **
  • The glass bowl included
  • Two stainless steel rollers nickel free
  • Solid domestic beech wood, treated with organic linseed oil
  • Flaking any grains except corn
  • Original German Product

The Eschenfelder Wall Flaker is an exceptional mill.
Considered by many to be the best flaker in the world, they represent a lifetime investment in whole-grain health.
Each grain is opened by gently squeezing, and the precious seed oils (carriers of nutrients and enzymes) remain intact.
All cereals can be pressed/crushed (except corn), dry or wet, and oily seeds, spices, pulses etc. Multiple passes will achieve a coarse flour output.

This model is identical in function to the table version, but configured to easily screw to a wall - saving valuable bench space in the kitchen - making the flaker available without setup.

It includes a lower shelf with stop rail for the glass collection tray.
The design is very simple & robust, using two counter rotating 1.97 inch. (50mm) Stainless Steel rollers, the mill is very easy to turn.
There are few moving parts. One roller is driven directly by the handle, with the other roller freewheeling as the grains are pressed through. Incorporated into the chute are two scrapers, one close under each roller, preventing material from sticking to the rollers - particularly helpful for damp or oily pressing.
Two wing nuts adjust the pressure of the flaking rollers, making flat or slightly pressed grains with ease.
The timber frame is solid Beech Wood finished in natural Linseed Oil, with either an Aluminum or Beech Wood Hopper, which can be removed if needed for cleaning.
The rollers are adjusted to a gap of between ~ 0.01-0.06 inch (~ 0.3-1.5mm) and produce a crushed oat flake, coarser than the factory multi-rolled oat, but sufficiently pressed to release all the fresh goodness of the grain for immediate use.



5.28 oz (150 grams) per minute

Hopper Size

10.56 oz (300 grams)


Height X Width X Depth

H10.85, W7.90, D5.12 inches, Depth with handle 10.24 inch. (H275 mm, W200 mm, D130 mm (depth with handle 260 mm)) Handle length 7.90 inch (200 mm)


5.51 lb (2.5 Kg)


Dual 1.97 inch. (50mm ) Ø Nickel Free Stainless


Eschenfleder Germany


1 year parts domestic

How it works?
A small demonstration of the quality of grinding of different cereals.


How it made?
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