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Grain Mill hawos Molere

hawos Molere - the new manually operated mill

For over 30 years hawos has built quality flourmills for small households and commercial use. Away from energy-consumption and towards ease of use was the challenge set to the hawos developers. What came out is a convenient model for the kitchen. The millstone made from corundum is robust and provides a fantastic grinding performance. The funnel sits on a rectangular solid block of wood, which is in front of the millstone. The fineness is controlled by two wing nuts. The hand mill is fixed to the table with two clamps. The handle is ergonomically designed and easy to turn. A high quality glass container is included. Different kinds of grains can also be mixed, rather than just milling one type at a time. hawos Molere can process all grain types and produces them coarsely or finely ground depending on the chosen setting.

The MOLERE is a medium size hand mill using corundum-in-ceramic millstones - the same stone used in the electric stone grinders. Features include solid timber housing, a strong handle with spinning timber grip and heavy duty double table-clamp. The ergonomic design is simple and compact, suitable for everyday use, travel or survival. Great for children to use too.
Built in two parts from attractive beech wood, the two nuts at the back adjust the front stone against the back rotating stone, making it possible for very fine to coarse grinding. Anything from slightly cracked grains, coarse garnishes through to fine flour for pastries and breads can be produced.
Linseeds, Sunflower seeds and similar can be milled together with other dry grains like wheat on finer settings, up to approx. ratio of 50/50.
The dual roller bearings on the drive shaft provide excellent support for long service life.

Dimensions H10x W6.1x D4.7 inches

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